ASTM A179 ASME SA179 Finned Tube for Heat Exchanger

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ASTM A179 ASME SA179 Finned Tube for Heat Exchanger:ASTM L Type,LL Type,KL Type,G Type Finned Tube,H Type,Extruded Type, etc.Outer diameter (OD): 16mm Min~50.8mm max.

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ASTM A179 ASME SA179 Finned Tube for Heat Exchanger
ASTM A179 Finned Tube is a heat exchange element. In order to improve the heat exchange efficiency, fins are usually added to the surface of the ASTM A179 seamless heat exchange tube to increase the outer surface area (or inner surface area) of the heat exchange tube, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the heat exchange efficiency.
ASTM A179,ASME SA179 steel tubes covers minimum-wall-thickness, seamless cold-drawn low-carbon steel tubes for tubular heat exchangers, condensers, and similar heat transfer apparatus.ASTM A179,ASME SA179 covers tubes 1/8 to 3 in. [3.2 to 76.2 mm], inclusive, in outside diameter.

Base Tube's photo (asme SA-179 Seamless Steel Tube)

Types of ASTM A179 Finned Tube for Heat Exchanger
ASTM A179 L Type Finned Tube,
ASTM A179 LL Type Finned Tube,
ASTM A179 KL Type Finned Tube,
ASTM A179 G Type Finned Tube,
ASTM A179 H Type Finned Tube,
ASTM A179 Extruded Type Finned Tube,
ASTM A179 HF Finned Tube,
ASTM A179 Elliptical Finned Tube,
ASTM A179 Stud Finned Tube,
ASTM A179 Serrated Finned Tube,
ASTM A179 U Bending Low Finned Tube,
ASTM A179 Crimped Finned Tube,
ASTM A179 Inner Grooved Finned Tube,
ASTM A179 Longitudinal Finned Tube, etc.
ASTM A179 Finned Tube for Heat Exchanger Quick Details:
Core tube:ASTM A179,ASME SA179 cold-drawn seamless steel tube
Fin type: Solid plain
Fin Tube Type:
L Type,LL Type,KL Type,G Type ,H Type ,Extruded Type ,HF,Elliptical Finned Tube,Stud Finned Tube,Serrated Finned Tube,U Bending ,Crimped Finned Tube,Inner Grooved Finned Tube,Longitudinal Finned Tube,etc.
Outer diameter (OD): 16mm Min~50.8mm max.
Tube length: up to 18,000 mm.
Fin height: 16.5mm max.
Fin thickness: 0.4mm~2mm
Fin pitch: 2.1mm minimum (12FPI)
Surface Protection: Both bare ends shall be zinc or aluminum metallized by electrospray arc system coating.
Accessories: Tube support boxes, clamps or spacer boxes (materials: aluminium, zinc and stainless steel).
Additional Info
Payment Terms:T/T, LC
Delivery: 15-30 days after payment
Marking: Standard + Steel Grade + Size + Heat No + Lot No
Package: Iron frame packing boxes and the desiccants are put into each package for continental transportation as well. or as required
We can customize ASTM A179 Finned Tube for Heat Exchanger according to your drawings

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ASTM A179,ASME SA179 cold-drawn seamless steel tube Chemical Composition

Material Chemical Composition(%)
C Si Mn P S
ASTM A179 0.06-0.18 ≤ 0.25 0.27-0.63 ≤0.035 ≤0.035
ASTM A179,ASME SA179 cold-drawn seamless steel tube Mechanical Propertie
Grade ASTM A179
Tensile Strength(MPa) ≥325
Yield Strength(MPa) ≥180
Elongation,% ≥35
Hardness, HRB ≤72

Manufacturing Process of ASTM A179 Finned Tube
Fin strips (usually aluminum and copper) are folded into an L shape and wound under tension on the surface of the base tube. The feet of the fins are connected together and cover the surface of the fins.
ASTM A179 Finned Tube is combined with two different materials
Core tube material: A179
Fin material: aluminum, copper, steel
1. Aluminum (Alu.1100, Alu.1060)
2. Copper.
3. Steel

Quality Control of STM A179 Finned Tube
Inspection and Tests Performed
Chemical Composition inspection,
Mechanical Properties Test(Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, Elongation, Flaring, Flattening, Hardness, Impact Test), S
surface and Dimension Test,
No-destructive Test,
Hydrostatic Test.
Delivery conditions

The tube ends are square cut without burrs, the inside is dry and blown clean, and the ends of the L-shaped tension wound finned tube are coated with varnish on the outside.
Acceptance Criteria
API Standard 661 (Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers for General Refinery Service) or Delivery Conditions (TDC).
Features of STM A179 Finned Tube for Heat Exchanger
1. Anti-corrosion
2. Anti-wear
2. lower contact resistance
4.Higher Stability
5. Anti-fouling ability
1. Highly corrosive systems (condenser, evaporator, desalination, fertilization, urea system, ammonia, gas, corrosive acid);
2. Air coolers in petrochemical, electric power, paper, tobacco, building heating and other industries;
3. Air heaters and air heaters for spray drying systems such as vegetable protein powder and starch in the food industry;
4. Heat exchanger installations in power plants (electrical, nuclear, thermal and geothermal power plants).
Packaging: Iron frame packing box




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